A collective of lousy things made lousily when I have free time. Lots of the things on the site and the site itself are under construction. Though as of April 9th 2014, we now have stable hosting so there shouldn't be any more unexpected downtime. If you find a problem with a generator or anything the site, send me a @ on twitter and I'll fix it when I can.

Some Updates:

09/04/20: Made a Dragalia Lost character sorter!

Loli Salad has been lost. I have a backup xml but I don't know how to use it effectively. I am thinking of a way to archive LS as it's too sad to let ten years of work go down the drain like that...

10/12/19: Pink Haired Character Sorter has been updated for the first time in years. Not sure if I'll update the others but hey here's one.

07/11/17: Tales Heroine Sorter and Magical Girl sorters added. The latter is a real WIP in progress but not one I'm actively worried about.

Kancolle should have all updated images now.

I'm also updating the hair colour sorters with the new characters from the current and last seasons. Next hair colour sorter that will be uploaded is pink and then maybe green. Both are done-ish.